Nichicon MUSE acoustic series

Nichicon KZ Series is part of the premium-grade Nichicon MUSE acoustic series.
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Nichicon Fine Gold Series

Nichicon FG Series, part of the Fine Gold MUSE acoustic series, is suitable for high- grade audio equipment.
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Nichicon MUSE, FG, FW, KW, KA, KG, KX, KS Audio Grade Series
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Audio Grade Electrolytic Capacitors

Nichicon FW Series

Nichicon FW Series is a standard audio capacitor series for audio equipment. This series is RoHS compliant.
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Nichicon KW Series

Nichicon KW Series standard audio capacitors offer a harmonious balance of sound quality.
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Nichicon ES Series

Nichicon ES Series is part of the bi-polarized MUSE series.
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Nichicon KA Series

Nichicon KA Series Audio Capacitor was designed as a higher-grade 105C.

Nichicon KG Series

Nichicon KG Series, designed for high-grade audio equipment.

Nichicon KX Series

Nichicon KX Series audio capacitors deliver high quality sound.

What is audio grade capacitor?

This is capacitors specifically for audio applications. These are designed to give premium sound quality when compared to general purpose capacitors. Nichicon's Audio series, ideally suited for first class audio equipment where qualitative and quantitative characteristics are required.

Nichicon Corporation

Nichicon Corporation (Nichikon Kabushiki-gaisha) is a manufacturer of capacitors of various types and applications and is one of the largest manufacturers of capacitors in the world, headquartered in Karasuma Oike, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan. In 1950, it separated from the Nii Works Co., established itself as Kansai-Nii Works and finished its first factory by 1956. In 1961, it adopted the Nichicon name and have been using it, or a variant thereof, ever since.
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